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Hey! I'm Becky Rose, I'm 19 and I'm from Worcester, UK. I'm a singer/songwriter, I play the keyboard and I write and arrange my own music at home. I currently go to The University of Worcester studying Drama and Performance. Music is a big passion in my life! But I also enjoy being a normal teenager. I hope to get that break someday. I'd love to have a music career.

My influences have varied significantly over the course of my music making. When I first started out I had watched many musicals, which made my compositions theatrical and dramatic. I was also deeply influenced by film scores and soundtracks, particularly those by Danny Elfman or Hans Zimmer.

For the most part my early songs, as well as my more recent songs, were inspired by moods as opposed to existing music. I would write anything that came from my heart whether it was based on personal experience or that of someone else.

More recently, I found a new direction in my music, inspired by dance, electro, dubstep, drum and bass, and pop. I would say that the influence came from being out at night, dancing and singing along to the more mainstream music played in clubs. Live however, I simply play the keyboard and sing, so although my pieces are based on these genres, they maintain the theatrical style heard in my older works. Although my taste has changed over the past couple of years, it has resulted in my newer work being a cocktail of different genres and styles.

Location: Worcester
Genre: Alternative/Electro/Progressive

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Becky Rose

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