Clinty B

About Clinty B

Clinty B is an acoustic rock/hip-hop artist from Droitwich Spa, England. He never thought he would be a musician when he was young, as he always thought he would play football one day. However, along life’s path things change and events happen in life that help make us who we are. One day it hit him like an uncontrollable force that he was put on this earth to create music and he vowed to spend the rest of his days doing just that. Gathering inspiration from his father, other musical influences and the odd bits and pieces he has picked up from friends and family over the years, he has managed to find himself musically and is now in a magical place.

You wont be able to help yourself from being drawn to the stage with moist lips, when he delivers his fresh, unique sound and puts his heart and soul into it!

Location: Droitwich Spa
Genre: acoustic/rock/hip-hop

Band Members

Clint Bryan - vocals, acoustic guitar

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