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Take one guitarist who had an inkling to hammer the drumkit, and mix that with a bassist who had always wanted to sing in a power trio ... Then, if you top things off with a guitarist who makes you careful about what you wish for, then you get I.S.U - Incident Support Unit!

Formed right at the tail-end of August 2009 - thanks to an impromptu jam session at a party in deepest, darkest Herefordshire - elements from the bands Reinforced and Derailed combined to produce their own slant on the blues/rock genre.

With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix to heavier rock such as AC-DC, the mix is diverse and catchy.

Location: Hereford & Malvern
Genre: Rock
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Band Members

Mart Price - Bass Guitar & Lead Vocal
Sime Bedford - Lead Guitar
Alex Simons - Drums

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