Lakota Sioux

About Lakota Sioux

Lakota Sioux are all about making music that people truly enjoy and really want to listen to. We love every aspect of working on our tracks- writing and recording, promoting them and performing live, which is just what music is all about. Formed in August 2010 we have found our sound as a band and are working on original material, and going into the studio early February 2011. At our Debut performance, at Worcester music festival 2010, we attracted the attention of M.A.S records, who have since given us the opportunity to further our creativity and talent.

Location: Worcester
Genre: Rock

Band Members

Nathan Hodson - Vocals/Guitar
Rob Cave - Lead Guitar
Dan Biddle - Bass
Jack Clutterbuck - Drums

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Upcoming Gigs for Lakota Sioux

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