Marie-Claire Berreen

About Marie-Claire Berreen

Based in the beautiful city of Worcester, Marie-Claire has spent recent months recording new tracks for the forthcoming album ‘Box and a Ribbon’. Marie-Claire has a truly stunning voice and has been performing in front of audiences (solo, choir and band) since she was very young, but what makes Marie-Claire stand out from the crowd is her beautiful, soulful songwriting. She has a unique ability to capture and convey heartfelt and personal emotions and paint beautiful musical pictures with her melodies and lyrics, captivating audiences at every gig.

The 4-track EP 'Honeypie' was released in May 2011 as a precursor to the ‘Box and a Ribbon’ album and has been met with praise and acclaim from fans and critics. Currently Marie-Claire is playing regular gigs across the Midlands and sharing her beautiful live performances with growing and appreciative audiences.

Location: Worcester
Genre: Acoustic/Roots

Band Members

Marie-Claire Berreen - vocals
Steve Wattison - acoustic guitar
Peter Jennings-Bates - bass
Dan Slade - drums
Glenn Pettit - keyboards

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