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OAK, an English industrial-metal outfit, based in the West Midlands town of Kidderminster were first formed in 2001 as a dark metal band. In 2004 OAK made their Industrial debut to their veteran fans, sporting a sound akin to American industrial bands such as Celldweller and Stabbing Westward, and have been frequently compared to Nine Inch Nails with vocal styles holding similarities to Linkin Park. Since their debut OAK have been perfecting their sound as well as writing and recording furiously in order to release the best of their potential in the form of their new industrial album “The Human Glitch” which was finished after over four years of hard work and determination.

Despite bearing some similarities to other bands in similar genres, OAK have been broadly described as Industrial Nu-Metal, whilst carrying some melodic undertones of Electronica, and therefore appeal to a wider audience, as they have witnessed during some impressive live gigs. They have lured not only avid metal and Goth fans, but also people who enjoy hybrid styles of music and even fans of dance and drum and bass, attracting an even wider range of listeners.

Location: Kidderminster
Genre: Other
Email: noone@wmf.com
Web: http://www.myspace.com/oakweb

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