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Tash and Jim met in mid 2008 and have been writing and recording songs together ever since.
Tash has been singing from a very early age and at 7 years old recorded a version of Rose
Royce's Wishing on a Star with her brother Jason. Much later on around May 2000 she joined
a band of her brother's called The Secret Hairdresser.
She was drafted in for a tour of Denmark and had to learn the set within a couple of weeks.
She later joined two more bands with her brother, Animal Planet and The Deets. All bands have had Radio One airplay by DJ's such as the late great John Peel, and more recently Huw Stephens.

In 2008, after moving to Worcester she decided she missed being part of a band and performing so she posted a bulletin on
Myspace asking anyone local who wanted to form a band with a female singer to contact her. Kryss Hall, a bass player,
replied and they soon got together to attempt writing songs. Kryss met Jamie and Jon at a bar and they were brought in
to play guitar and drums, respectively. Things didn't quite get off the ground but Tash discovered that she wasn't that bad
at writing lyrics, so she bought an old Technics keyboard and wrote her first song. Many followed and she soon recorded
them very roughly onto her computer. Meanwhile Jamie and Jon had introduced her to Jim, a local musician and, well, to cut
a long story short a wondrous duo was formed.

Jim has been playing guitar since his early teens and is known for being a member of now defunct metal bands
Murder One and Seventh Cross who have had Radio One airplay, and more recently The Decline and Stomping Ground.
There are many strings to his bow as he not only plays guitar, bass, drums and keys, but also records
all of Robot Knows Best songs in his home studio. He's a local legend.

Location: Worcester
Genre: Acoustic

Band Members

Tash - Vocals
Jim - Acoustic guitar and backing vocals.

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