About Splatt!!

About Splatt
The music of Splatt is inspired by the landscapes of the Malvern Hills and surrounding area. Through the songs of Martin Roy Thorne (see the friends list below), Paul Beadle, William Shakespeare and various traditional ballads they explore the pagan /celtic roots of English and Irish Folk, using traditional ethnic and modern instruments to create an epic soundscape that is truly part of an emerging New Tradition .

Location: stourbridge/malvern
Genre: Folk
Email: paulbsplatt@fsmail.net
Web: www.splattmusic.co.uk
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thebandsplatt
Youtube: search for "splatt at katie fitzgeralds"
Other web: none

Band Members

Splatt! Are:

Paul Beadle: vocals / acc. guitar / bodhran / flute / shawm / recorders / congas / assorted percussion.
Colin Bentley: 5 string fretless bass guitar.
Jim Batty: electric guitar / acc. 6 and 12 string and Spanish guitars / mandolin / harmonica / vocals.

Music Downloads

music and videos on the myspace site and on youtube

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