About Spoonfedz

Having been off the live circuit for several months to write and record their debut EP, entitled "Hard To Swallow", this ferocious, and in-your-face 4-piece act are soon gracing the Marrs Bar with their very own EP launch party - and their first time showcasing the new songs - prior to WMF 2011, on July 22nd.

In the interest of changing their sound since the departure of their previous drummer...the funk has now been returned to its original era, the Reggae has gone a bit "Skanky" (so to speak), and the Ska makes it too darn hard to be that happy all the time...that said, the influence that these genres had on the bands sound is still aparent, even if not as obviously so.
Nowadays, people ask the Spoonfedz what they sound like, and the boys say "There's some kind of weird dance-punk in there somewhere"...but it's probably best if you make up your own mind as to what "Defines" Spoonfedz.

Spoonfedz have played many prestigeous venues since 2008, including Birminghams' Carling Academy, The Rainbow, and The Asylum...and are scheduled to make their entrance on to the London circuit at the end of Summer 2011.
In 2009 the band made it through to The Midlands Final of Surface Unsigned Festival, whilst being signed to MAS Records in the same year.
Other notable achievements include being personally chosen by Andrew Marston to play the BBC Introducing Stage at Nozstock 2010.

If you're tired of the majority of music coming out these days, head down to a Spoonfedz show for something a little different.

Location: Pershore
Genre: Post-Punk/Dance/Alternative
Email: timosborne37@hotmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Spoon-Fedz/37164824607?sk=info
Sound Cloud: http://soundcloud.com/spoonfedz

Band Members

Pat Osborne - Guitar
Gareth Evans - Bass
Steve Osborne - Drums
Tim Osborne - Vox

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