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About The Matchless

Once upon a time a musician had a dream... to put together a band consisting of the very best local musicians he knew; the best drummer, the best bass player, the best vocalist, and so on. If you will - a Super Group - admittedly a big ambition. It's taken some doing, it's taken some time, it's here. As their Facebook page states, The Matchless are... “Five talented, experienced musicians, playing stuff the others won't!”

The musician with the dream was Harry Baldwin. He picked up the guitar at the age of eight, took up the piano at nine and the organ at twelve. He is now an experienced keyboardist, guitarist, singer, composer, lyricist and an award winning songwriter. He's been in such bands as The Midnight Movers, Muleskinner and Young Gifted Liars. He's also a regular participant in the Marrs Bar's House Band.

The foundation stone for the band is drummer Chris Houghton.

Working closely with the drums, as every bass player should, is John Hepburn.

On guitar is Stuart Field. He has played with many musical luminaries. He also plays with the Sarah Warren Band and the Fabulous Boogie Boys.

Fronting the band is vocalist Maxine Bocock. She has been in various shows and bands for the last ten years. Her musical tastes and singing ability range from Heavy Metal and Soft Rock Ballads to Jazz, Blues, RnB, Pop and Rockabilly.

Together they play all those great covers songs that many bands would like to tackle but shy away from. They also throw in a sprinkling of self-penned material, as is their want! Although the band only formed in August 2011 there has already been great interest expressed in The Matchless. So, come along, see what all the fuss is about and give yourself a treat in the form of one of the best musical experiences you can find in this neck of the woods.

Location: Worcester
Genre: Covers and Originals

Band Members

Chris Houghton - drums
Harry Baldwin - keyboards, backing vocals
John Hepburn - bass, backing vocals
Maxine Bocock - vocals
Stuart Field - guitar

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