The Naked Flames

About The Naked Flames

We're The Naked Flames, a four piece rock band from Worcester in the UK. We like to stand on stages and bang our instruments around. Sometimes people stop and watch and these events become known as 'gigs'. At these 'gigs' people can often be spotted imbibing formented vegetable drinks in an attempt to reach a higher state of consciousness. It is thought that this custom, combined with some loud music, helps to facilitate the process of engaging with people around you in an attempt to find a suitable partner for the act of coitus. Hence, the purpose of The Naked Flames becomes apparent; to provide the noise levels and ambience required in order to break down the social boundaries which encapsulate us all in our daily lives, and maybe, just maybe, get you laid.

If you dig our tunes you can find out more about us on our Facebook page at Much Love

Location: Evesham/Worcester
Genre: Rock

Band Members

Spike - Vox
Big Nath- Geetar
Daz Bananas - Bass
Ant - Good with sticks

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Upcoming Gigs for The Naked Flames

The Naked Flames have no up coming gigs listed.

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