The Retinal Circus

About The Retinal Circus

Retinal Circus has a composer's mind that reaches far beyond the a-typical boy with a guitar songs about break-up fare. Subject matter of songs vary from human race been pond scum writhing on the surface of the globe,a fascination with geometric shapes & platonic relationships with clocks.. He collects/plays vintage synths,folk instruments such as the charango and balalaika & various oddities. He has jammed & scatted live with Damo Suzuki on an circuit bent Furby & Theremin.. He has collaborated with many local musicians, and has been in many bands such as Meteor Street, The Shambollix, The Oohz, Ziggurat and more recently Fish Feet.

Location: Worcester
Genre: Cabaret psychedelic experimental

Band Members

Craigus Barry - Guitar,Charango,Omnichord

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