None Of These Are You

About None Of These Are You

Just a bunch of guys who love the jam, and grab on to the melodies that spring from it. Very varied influences from Hendrix to John Mayer to Simon and Garfunkel to Rage Against the Machine, which all makes for a very unique sound. We play a lot of songs with catchy hooks, and a few more abstract songs that stray a quite a bit from our acoustic/pop foundations.

We have been playing together only for about 6 months, but have already gotten to know each other very well musically, mainly because we all have simalar tastes, and we have just hit the studio about a month ago, so some early drafts of new songs are on the myspace page. Thats just about all that we can say without you having heard the songs.

Location: Malvern/Worcester
Genre: Rock

Band Members

Phil Whitehead - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Miles Burke - Lead Guitar
Will Fox - Drums
Session Bass players (we can arrange).

Music Downloads

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