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Local Festivals Galore

Monday 6 February 2012

There are a couple of new local festivals happening this year.

The first of which is Wu Stock,  a one day event happpening on April 21st, on the grounds of Christopher Whitehead lanuage school. Open air stage and host of local acts alongside a soon to be named headliner. Tickets are £10 (no Concessions). More info at


A larger festival takes place in various venues in the Malvern area, aptly named Malvern Rocks Music Festival. Organised by Kevin Tudge and friends, it will be a free entry event, rasiing money for Acorns childrens hospital. local acts will perform in various venues around the town from 3rd to 5th August. Go to for more info.

There's also WorFest, which I have to admit not knwing much about, but you can follow their progress by going to


And of course, our very own Worcester Music Festival returns for its 5th year, bringing over 300 live acts to 30+ venues, alongside a ton of music related workshops and demonstrations. As always, the events are free and organised by dozons of local music promoters, enthusiasts, music lovers and supporters. if you would like to bve involved goto