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NJS Gig Guide needs you!!!!!

Thursday 31 March 2011

The NJS gig has been DELETED!!!
All the gigs for 2011 have GONE!!!

We need your help to get the NJS gig guide back up and running.  
Please, please, PLEASE!! if you are in a band, performer, venue or promoter and have a gig coming up, or know of any live music events in your area, please add them to

What happened? Human error was at fault, while updating the code to improve the site, an irreversible error was made resulting in the gig guide data being overwritten. 
But now is not the time for finger pointing and blame. The time for that is when I next see Mr.A.R. and pour a pint of warm Guinness over his head and force feed him his own freshly ripped out blackened beating heart. (-;

I hope you can help us restore Not Just Sauce to it's proud position of the No.1 live music gig guide in Worcester. 

If you have added gigs in the past we can only apologies sincerely and hope you will work with us to rectify this situation. 

Once again, sorry for temporary downfall of the NJS gig guide. With your help and the support of friends and supporters of live music in worcester we can make the gig guide bigger, better and perhaps even more accurate :-)

Thanks once again and sorry.  Chris 
07979 598576