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Monday 4 April 2011

A fundraising music event at the Marrs Bar in Worcester on April 10th and 17th comprising of two all-day concerts featuring over 20 fantastic local acts who have very kindly agreed to play.

SUN 10th
12pm WSRP showcase, 
2pm Caroline Fitzgerald
2:45pm Tyler Massey
3:30pm Highway 5
4:25pm The Oohz
5:20pm The Roving Crows
6:15pm None Of These Are You
7:10 Chris Wallbank & The Cowards
8:05pm Vermilion Skies
9pm Mudball
Russian Gun Dogs

SUN 17th
12pm One Foot On Jupiter, The Rubber Nuns, Lachlan Werner
2pm Craigus Barry and The Retinal Circus
2:45pm Stompin' On Spiders
3:30pm The SJS Band
4:25pm The Harpers
5:20pm Skew Whiff
6:15pm Tallulah Fix
7:10pm Calm Like A Riot
8:05pm Absolute Ataxia
9pm Wise Blood
10pm Stuntdog

"My name is Matt, I am from Worcester and I play drums in local bands The Oohz, The Harpers and The Arquettes. I am also a teacher at Great Barr School where we have a long-standing partnership with Waterloo School in Sierra Leone and a group of dedicated staff have recently launched our Project 3580 Appeal. 3580 was born after a hugely successful drive by the school to install a fully functioning computer laboratory at Waterloo uncovered some shocking news at the local hospital. 3580 children in the township had died of Malaria last year through lack of straightforward treatment, and crucially, the lack of mosquito nets. We are trying to raise £15000 by summer 2011 so that our new beneficiary can be the hospital, and we can help them pay for the treatment and the nets to prevent this year’s death toll being a further 3580. There will be a minimum donation on the door of £4, all of which goes towards the charity. Please remember that EACH PERSON THROUGH THE DOOR IS ONE OFF THE 3580....

To accommodate bands there will be 10-15 minute changeovers on the hour, every hour, where a large screen shall be lowered and 15 second PowerPoint slides shall loop continuously with the tailored details or logo of all associated companies. If you or your company would be kind enough to sponsor the event, please let me know and I shall arrange to come and see you. I can be contacted through Facebook, or my email is, if you should like any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Many, many thanks for your support. All involved look forward to seeing you there at what promises to be an outstanding two days and with your help, Project 3580 will have a significantly more optimistic name next year.