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We don't do them very often but now again we do.
We prefer letting people writwe reviews who actually know what they're talking about.

Live at The Marrs Bar, Worcester.

(review also appeared in SLAP Magazine)

A solid start to the gig with some fine tunage from yours truely on the decks of steel (well, the laptop of slowness ..)
Support band , Quinn, with front man Pete Mann on guitar kick off their set with Purple Haze with a passion and skill of someone twice their age. The duo of drums and guitar held the sound together and the crowd gripped right to the end Frontmsn Pete Mann has talent, and doubled with the power house of Jack Looker on drums they are a force to reckoned with.
From the first intense wail of guitar you knew you were in for something special. And the standing room only venue knew it too. Virgil had arrived, and he had bought the ghost love child of stevie ray Vaughan and Gary Moore with him in his soul.
This truely awe inspiring threesome do not have a bad beat or bum note in their bodies. Highly proffessional sound ,attitude and great stage presence from the bromsgrove three. You will be hard pushed to find a tighter, more talented bunch of musicians this side of ... well, anywhere..
I have to admit that blues influenced rock is not my usual tipple. But these guys do it so well that you just can't but admire it and aspire to come even 10% as good as they are.

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