The Marrs Bar, Worcester

About The Marrs Bar

One of Worcesters premier music venues. Live music at least four nights a week, usually more. Various promoters and club nights.
Musicians have designed the venue so bands really enjoy themselves when they play and as a result give a better performance. Formerly a dance studio since 1958 , the original sprung dance floors are still in place adding a woody texture to the sound quality of the room.

Disability Access: Ramp Access
Under Eighteen: Junior membership required call venue

Address & Directions

The Marrs Bar
12 Pierpoint Street
Telephone: 01905 613336

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Upcoming Events

Friday 10 July 2015

Mary Hinge

The Marrs Bar, Worcester
Time: 20:00 to 23:45
Cost: 4 on the door

4 on the door

Born on the remote island of Los Hingos and raised by a two-headed snake, Champagne Pete & Dave Wee Froth became aware of their calling for good-time idiot cock rock by accident. Whilst in the forest hunting for truffles they fell into an ancient well. Stranded from their mother they survived on rainwater and ants, passing the time by fashioning a crude guitar from the remnants of a palm tree and guitar-string like cobwebs (a bit convenient, but it makes the story work). Using the acoustics of the well, Dave Wee Froth honed his vocals. Before long, they were playing and singing songs about the island, the great Mount Tuk-Tuk and their mother.
After several months they were found by a group of English explorers. They were rescued, taken back to England and introduced to clothes. The head explorer, Randolph Forsyth-Venkman quickly discovered their musical ability and purchased Champagne Pete's first ever guitar (Dave Wee Froth received nothing and even now, borrows a microphone from that bloke in the park who can eat his own face).
The rest, as they say, is history. The Hinge have become the biggest band in the world*, headlining major festivals** and being credited by both Van Halen & Whitesnake as "the guys who we look up to".***
So there you go. That's their story. That's how it happened. Or you could believe the shocking rumour that they are just two guys who met in a pub and started jamming. Your choice.
* That bit isn't true
** Nor is that bit
***Yeah, they didn't say that at all

Thursday 16 July 2015

You Know The Drill

The Marrs Bar, Worcester
Time: 19:30 to 23:00
Cost: 5 in advance 6 on the door

5 in advance available here: 6 on the door

You Know The Drill - You Know The Drill are an ambitious and enthusiastic four piece pop punk band from Stourport-on-Severn, UK. Comprised of Damo Darby on Bass, Benji Yapp on Guitar and Lead Vocals, Brad Potter on Drums and Backing Vocals and finally Jim McCormack on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals. The band shot into the scene at the start of Summer 2014 and have so far had a great start. Debut single "The Next Chapter" was the band's first release and got great feedback hitting over 1K YouTube views within the first month of the release. They have since then self-released their debut E.P "Selling Out Before Starting Out" on digital and physical formats. They put on unforgettable live shows and have a very bright looking future
Elessar - Elessar is a 4 piece Alternative Rock band that hails from Gloucestershire. The boys met through playing shows and festivals together over the last five years. During this time they have been collaborating in different forms, both writing ideas and working on a concept for a band. Finally, in late 2014 by putting all the pieces together; Elessar has created a unique and exciting sound that engages audiences wherever they play. Putting a darker twist on catchy melodies and fast paced music. Elessar throw plenty of heart into their lyrics. Providing powerful melodies and singalong hooks to pull you in. Elessars combination of an exciting and memorable live show, paired with their honest approach to social media has them amassing a strong and ever increasing fan base.
Elements - Officially formed in January 2013, Elements make use of a unique and eclectic mash-up of genres which makes for a powerful set of songs and an incredible live show. Elements. have supported the likes of Public Service Broadcasting, The Afterparty, AshesToAngels, The Hype Theory and New Riot, at various venues around the south coast. While still relatively new to the live scene, Elements., have released their first self titled E.P and also have held a remix competition for that E.P. Allowing their fans to remix any of their songs in which, has culminated into Elements. Re:Constructed E.P

Friday 17 July 2015

By The Shore
Chevy Chase Stole My Wife

The Marrs Bar, Worcester
Time: 20:00 to 00:00
Cost: 3,00

By The Shore return to the Marr's Bar for a top night of original music along with:

Chevy Chase Stole My Wife

Tickets are just 3 - all ticket sales from By The Shore will be donated to Worcester Foodbank.

Please contact:
Sean Jeffery
Anna Mason
Craig Hammond
or Dunstan Power

or email

Saturday 18 July 2015

Green Haze

The Marrs Bar, Worcester
Time: 20:00 to 23:45
Cost: 6 in advance 8 on the door

6 in advance available here: 8 on the door

GREEN HAZE are an energetic tribute to one of the best punk rock & rock'n'roll bands the world has ever seen - Green Day. GREEN HAZE's live shows are high octane events where the band go to every length to capture the raw power and dynamics of Green Day's music and bring it to life on stage with full 2+ hour stage show, antics and crowd interaction that makes a Green Day show so recognisable.
All of Green Day's albums are well represented, from 1,309 Smoothed out slappy hours through to the latest UNO!, DOS! and TRE! albums. Covering early songs such as Going to Pasalaqua & 2,000 light years away, to staple classics such as Basket case and Longview, right through to modern hits like American idiot and 21st Century breakdown & the new UNO, DOS, TRE trilogy.
GREEN HAZE perform the songs with the same energy and passion that only true fans of the original band can. This is what makes GREEN HAZE one of the best Green Day tribute bands around.

Saturday 1 August 2015

Fred Zeppelin

The Marrs Bar, Worcester
Time: 20:00 to 23:45
Cost: 8 in advance 10 on the door

8 in advance available here: 10 on the door

During their time together they have had the honour of Led Zeppelin's front-man Robert Plantattending three of their gigs and John Bonham's son Jason even jammed with them on stage. These things the band are very proud of. It must surely also be the best recommendation any band could receive, and also assure any Led Zeppelin fans apprehensive about seeing The Fredz.
According to one of Kerrangs readers polls. FRED ZEPPELIN are among the top ten best live bands to see. Quite an achievement, as they were the only tribute band listed in any category.
Its worth taking a camera with you, as you don't know who could be standing next to you. In the audience have been MAGNUM's front-man Bob Catley, WHITESNAKE's guitarist Mel Galley. Roy Wood legendary main man of THE MOVE & WIZZARD, and SLADES Jimmy Lea was the latest rock celebrity to experience a two-hour Fred Zeppelin gig.
Fred Zeppelin were invited by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page to attend a charity event of which Jimmy is a patron. Kev (bass) and Blackie (drums) attended and were thrilled to meet and chat with the legendary guitarist. Also at the party were Roger Daltrey, Julian Lloyd Webber, Leo Sayer and Formula One's David Coultard. What a night !!
Fred Zeppelin are real fans and formed 'The Freds' out of their admiration and love of Led Zeppelin's music. As their name suggests the band do not take themselves too seriously, they know the praise belongs to Robert, Jimmy, John Paul Jones, and Bonzo.

Saturday 12 September 2015

Riff Raff
Stone Cold Killers

The Marrs Bar, Worcester
Time: 20:00 to 00:00
Cost: Free Entry

Friday 18 September 2015

You Know The Drill
The Bophins

The Marrs Bar, Worcester
Time: 19:00 to 00:00
Cost: Free Entry

Friday 16 October 2015


The Marrs Bar, Worcester
Time: 20:00 to 23:45
Cost: 12.50 in advance 15 on the door

12.50 in advance available here: 15 on the door

Featuring three key former members of Hawkwind, expect a cosmic storm in each performance from these masters of time and space with songs from their recent studio albums, plus Hawkwind classics from down the ages in a two hour-long psychedelic extravaganza.
Originally formed by Robert Calvert and Dave Brock (of Hawkwind) from the ashes of The Sonic Assassins in 1978.
The Hawklords re-emerged in 2009 with a memorial concert for legendary British artist, the late Barney Bubbles, graphic designer for many of Hawkwind's early 1970s albums.
The concert, filmed in London, was commercially released on dual-layer DVD early in 2011.
Hawklords returned to the road, touring both in the UK and Europe in 2011 and then again in 2012 to promote their critically acclaimed studio album, 'We Are One', which comprised all new original material.
2013 saw the release of their second studio album 'Dream' which was promoted with the 'The Reality Tour', a new show featuring classic 'Hawk' related songs alongside material from both 'Dream' and 'We are One'.
The band has also headlined major and independent UK festivals during the past four years.
The live shows feature a stunning digital projected lightshow, specially created by lighting designer and tour circuit veteran, Dave 'Lighthouse' Johnson.
Current band members are:
HARVEY BAINBRIDGE: Synthesizer & Vocals - original member of Hawklords 1978 line-up and long serving member and writer with Hawkwind 1977 - 1993 and respected solo artiste.
DAVE PEARCE: Drums - from British psyche-rock band The Bevis Frond and most recent addition to The Hawklords line-up.
JERRY RICHARDS: Guitar & Vocals - veteran of the UK free festival scene of the 1980's. Lead guitarist, writer and producer with Hawkwind, 1996 to 2001.
ADRIAN SHAW: Bass & Vocals - respected veteran of the UK rock scene, bassist and writer with Hawkwind for the classic 'Quark, Strangeness & Charm' and 'PXR5' albums 1977 - 1978 and current member of The Bevis Frond.
RON TREE: Lead vocals, Oscillators - survivor of the 1980's UK free festival scene and lead vocalist, bass player and writer with Hawkwind, 1995 to 2001.

Friday 13 November 2015


The Marrs Bar, Worcester
Time: 20:00 to 23:45
Cost: 7 in advance 9 on the door

7 in advance available here: 9 on the door

The Policed are the UK's leading tribute to The Police
Formed in London way back in 1977. The Police were classed as one of the first New wave band to achieve mainstream success. A fantastic three piece consisting of Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland . With 50 million albums sold worldwide the band enjoyed their popularity during the late 70's early 80's . They disbanded in 1986 because they just couldn't work together anymore and they all pursued solo careers but in 2007 the band announced, at the Grammy awards, that they were back. A massive world tour was announced. It was one of the highest grossing tours ever. At the end of the tour, Sting announced that the band would never reform again !!!!!!!!!
Now Sting has gone back on his word !!!! Well sort of.
The Policed have quickly become one of the best and most popular tributes to The Police across the UK. The band was formed in 2013 by Martin Wisbey, Chris Barwell & Pete Humphrey. Martin was already gigging with a Police band in Kent playing limited gigs on the local pub scene. With Sting (Martin Wisbey) on bass and vocals, you can see and hear a true resemblance to the man himself, both visually and vocally and his attitude is very much spot on.
Sting met Andy Summers (Chris Barwell) both from Dover upon Tyne way back in 1999 when they played in local bands together on the local circuit and have done on and off for years. Andy, with his busy guitar duties gets all the sounds that made The Police quite different from other bands at the time. He puts his guitar in the musical space that is left by the drums and the bass.
Drummer Stewart Copeland (Pete Humphrey) from the other side of the pond, well Surry to be precise, makes up this fantastic three piece, Stewart has also played with Andy in other bands and still does , both are members of a 'Jam' Tribute band and it is not unknown for Sting to contribute a mean Bruce Foxton (when Bruce is unavailable). So the band have come full circle. That's true Synchronicity. Stewart prides himself on his recreation of the same drum kit and set up that he played during their prime. One of the best drummers you'll see The Policed also perform with the same instruments used back in the day, to get every sound and visual as near to the real thing. Fretless Fender Precision, Ibanez Musician, Steinberger, '61 Telecaster custom with upgrades and a Tama drum kit that will blow your mind. They recreate the sartorial elegance of the Police post punk fashion to complete the experience. Stewart and his 1980's shorts, Sting with his flying suit and shades, Andy with stripes. You could almost be at that club in '79.
You'll get to hear classic hits like Roxanne, Message in a bottle, Every Breath you take along side album tracks including Hole in my life, truth hits everybody, be my girl (sally).
So don't miss out.
Come and be 'POLICED'

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